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Jan D. Moorman, President

Jan is a passionate consultant and engaging speaker that believes that inspired and informed individuals can find jobs they love, build successful careers and make powerful and lasting contributions to organizations.


For over 25 years, Jan has provided customized Career Coaching, Career Development, Leadership and Communication Skills training to a wide variety of individuals and organizations. 


As President of Jan Moorman & Associates, Jan and her associates have consulted with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies with industry experience in Healthcare, Professional Services, Banking and Financial Services, Telecommunications, Publishing, Entertainment, Manufacturing and Information Technology. She also brings diverse government and nonprofit organizational experience to her customers and clients. Her diverse background allows her to work effectively with a variety of businesses, organizations and teams in both the public and private sectors.


As a Career Coach, Jan is insightful, inspiring and pragmatic.  Her unique combination of business and organizational experience coupled with her in-depth coaching background sets her apart from many other career coaches. Having survived her own downsizing early in her career,   she has dedicated her life to helping people find meaningful jobs and careers.


She also brings years of career management experience with some of the nation’s largest career management companies including: Lee Hecht Harrison, DBM, KCB&G, TheInnis Company, Optimance Inc, and Career Management Partners where she is still Vice President and Senior Career Consultant. She has leveraged that experience to become one of the top career coaches and professionals in her field.


As a Professional Trainer and Keynote Speaker, Jan is engaging, enlightening and entertaining.  Her areas of expertise include: Career Coaching and Management, Leadership and Management and Communication Skills. Jan has been a featured speaker appearing on several radio and television programs including NPR and Good Morning Charleston and is a requested presenter for numerous professional and community associations and groups.


Her Approach


Jan’s approach is pragmatic and built on her successful entrepreneurial skills of establishing and managing a Career & Training Consulting business for over 20 years.  Prior to that, she was a Leadership Training Manager, Internal Management Consultant and Customer Service Training Manager at a large metropolitan newspaper, a greeting card company and a national banking institution.  In addition, her background also includes Social Work which enhances her with exceptional coaching and counseling skills.  She is also an actress, singer and concert performer which adds drama, entertainment and creativity to all the work she does.


A proud “Tarheel,” Jan graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She has also received graduate training in Human Resource Development and is an adjunct instructor at Brookhaven College in Dallas.  She has served on the boards of numerous professional and civic associations including ASTD, APT, ACP and the Dallas Symphony Chorus.  She is currently a presenter and facilitator at the Center for Women in Charleston, sings with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra Spiritual Ensemble and is actively involved with the Spoleto USA Festival.


Her Associates


Jan is fortunate to have a team of professional experts and consultants to assist her in delivering services to her clients and client organizations all across the country.  Together, they bring over 75 years of successful entrepreneurial, career coaching, and training expertise to large projects requiring special knowledge or industry experience.  Biographies of her associates will be provided when requested.





Services for Individuals

Jan is a Career Champion who believes everyone can find meaningful work and experience gratifying careers. She believes that informed and inspired individuals have more success and get better results.

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Services for Organizations



“I truly enjoyed my sessions with Jan because she helped me develop a step-by-step action plan to market myself to prospective employers.
Her constructive feedback was instrumental in helping me create a concise and effective resume, as well as other marketing tools that helped me secure two great job offers in eight weeks. I feel that her coaching and support would be of great benefit to any person looking to advance their career.”

- Program Director, Dallas, Texas

Jan believes that inspired and informed individuals will perform better and contribute more to their organization’s success and, in turn, organizations will be invigorated by inspired and well-trained employees.

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